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Name: Forge Of Empires Application
Version: 4.0
Size: 80.6 MB

Forge Of Empires Bot is software for the game of forge of empires. The program is an emulator that has over two thousand scripts. Bot will save you from routine actions in the game, making the game more satisfying.

As we wrote earlier, program has over 2,000 scripts, which can automatically collect resources and produced gold, in addition, the bot can start producing resources and gold. Program can also open treasure boxes, motivate friends, etc. The program works on a different principle than similar programs of this type.

Program has its own internal action plan and does not build a chain of tasks. It works on this principle, when you start our program, the program first creates a model of data about your account (number of buildings, where buildings are located, list of players, etc.) and starts working on their basis.

Useful links – Forge Of Empires, Win-rar, 7-zip

How to download and features of Forge Of Empires Bot

If you have decided to download our Forge Of Empires Bot, click the Download icon above. When you first start the program you will have to enter the activation code – how to do it? everything is described here instruction activation code.

After downloading, remember to have Win-rar or 7-zip, they are needed to unpack our Bot, because it is packed in an archive. If you don’t have them, enter 7-zip or win-rar on Google and add “downlaod”. After unpacking you will be able to enjoy our program.

Forge Of Empires Bot Program - Forge Of Empires Bot

Features Forge Of Empires Bot

  • Collection and production of goods
  • Repair of looted buildings
  • Army production and gathering of soldiers
  • Supporting / motivating other players
  • Visiting other players’ taverns
  • Automatic opening of crates with tasks
  • Automatic spreading of strategy points
  • Bot can trade on the market, accept offers
  • Based on the game source code
  • Has Anti-Bans built-in
  • Has a built-in proxy server
  • It’s easy to use
  • Compatible with any computer system
  • Works in any web browser

Operating instructions Forge Of Empires Bot

Our bot is divided into individual modules: Selektor, Pahom, Pirat, Market. Each module is designed for different tasks. Below we will describe how to operate a given module and what it serves.

How to enable Forge Of Empires Bot – Turn on Bot and forge of empires – Log in to the game and then click start in our program – Click which modules you are interested in, and then if you want to enable the module click “Apply” After enabling our program, the game does not have to be turned on, you can log out.

Module Picker

This module is designed to collect gold and resources from the building and to start production. Below you will see module settings.

Forge Of Empires Bot Modules 1 - Forge Of Empires Bot
  • Auto-start module – The module starts its work automatically
  • Delay between actions – This setting allows you to set the delay between uploads.
  • Wait for N buildings to start the collection – When this option is turned on, the bot will start collecting resources and gold only after all the buildings have finished their work, If you turn off this option, Forge Of Empires will start collecting immediately after finishing work.
  • Shuffle algorithm – If you enable this option, program will start production in random buildings. If it is turned off, the Bot will begin to select buildings that are adjacent to the first building in which program switched on production
  • Maximum buildings per action – in this option you choose how many buildings our program has to handle per share.
  • Process plundered buildings – The program automatically repairs plundered buildings.
  • Process residential buildings – Collect coins from apartment buildings;
  • Process production buildings – Collect production from production buildings;
  • Automatically start production – in these options you choose which products are to be created.
  • Process military buildings – When enabled, program will automatically collect the troops that have been created.
  • Automatically start recruitment – After enabling this option, the bot will start creating new units in your military buildings.

Module Pahom

This module affects social interactions. You can use this module to motivate other players, visit their taverns and thereby receive a bonus. Below we show instructions for the Module.

Forge Of Empires Bot Tool - Forge Of Empires Bot
  • Auto-run module – Program automatically starts working after the module is enabled
  • Delay between operations – This setting allows you to set a delay between transfers.
  • Process friends taverns – after enabling this option, the program will visit other players’ taverns.
  • Process own tavern – After running, the program will start the interval for checking your own guests in the tavern.
  • Threshold – When a certain percentage of players appear in the tavern, the bot will automatically receive a prize;
  • Recheck chairs availability – After enabling this option, the program will check the chair’s availability with other friends.
  • Process neighbors – when enabled, program will motivate other players
  • Update Neighbors – This setting determines how often the module will send a request to the game server to get a list of neighbors. You can set three options in the setting.
  1. Disable – Bot does not send a request to the game server to get a list of neighbors.
  2. Once at the beginning – Program will send a request once to the game server to get a list of friends.
  3. Every N Hours – Bot will send requests to the game server every hour to get friends list.
  • Process clan members – after setting this option you will make clan members happy
  • Process friends – after setting this option you will make friends happy

Module Pirat

This module will spend strategy points for you. It will also be used to open chests for tasks. the module was created in such a way as to spend strategy points (SPs) in the studies started, have the highest priority. Studies without dependencies have been omitted, the Forge Of Empires Bot will not add strategic points to these studies.

Forge Of Empires Bot Hack - Forge Of Empires Bot

  • Auto Launch Module – The module will start automatically after starting the program
  • Process strategy points – After enabling this option, our bot will start spending strategy points.
  • Threshold – Here you set the threshold from which our program should spend points. For example, if you set 40% then the bot will spend only 1 when it has 5 points

Module Market

The module allows for automatic trading on the market. In the “Offers” option You can filter offers by the following artybuts.

Forge Of Empires Bot Download 22 - Forge Of Empires Bot

Clan – show offers only from clan members;
Need – show the offers for which the stay is the largest
Offer – show offers in which the offer of the selected product is the largest
Available – show only available offers.

Security and Compatibility Forge Of Empires Hack Bot

Forge Of Empires Bot is completely secure, not only because of the design itself, but also thanks to two implemented programs. These programs are Anti-Banx and proxy. Anti-Banx does not allow Anti-Cheat to scan your account, of course the creator will not be notified or the impossibility of scanning, anti-cheat will receive incorrect data. The proxy will hide your IP, wich means your IP will never be blocked.

Bot Forge Of Empires Cheat – About Forge Of Epires

Forge of Empires is a production of the German studio InnoGames specializing in creating browser games. The company’s portfolio includes such items as: Tribal Wars, The West and Grepolis.

The main purpose of the game is to develop the city entrusted to us into a powerful and well-functioning metropolis. We must therefore erect buildings, develop new technologies, collect raw materials and earn money. At the same time, care should be taken to satisfy residents, and also to create a strong army capable of repelling a possible attack and carrying out expansion into the surrounding areas.

The title extends temporarily to several historical periods. We start the game from the earliest years, i.e. the stone age, then move on to the next ones, including bronze and iron.

If you encounter a problem with our Forge Of Empires Bot, please write here Contact. We will try to help as much as possible